Ear Forceps, Micro Alligator

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Ear Forceps, Micro Alligator:
Stainless Steel, 3 1/2".  Our Micro Alligator Ear Forceps come in a variety of jaw sizes and are available in two Surgical Grades, EconoLine and MidGrade German:

  • EconoLine 0.8mm x 4.5mm smooth jaw: EC-25-716
  • EconoLine 0.8mm x 4.5mm serrated jaw:  EC-25-717
  • EconoLine 0.8mm x 8mm serrated jaw: EC-25-718
  • MidGrade German 3.0mm finely serrated jaw: MG-25-717 (Overall length 5 1/4"; shaft 73.0mm)
  • MidGrade German 6.5mm serrated jaw: MG-25-718-S
  • MidGrade German 8.0mm serrated jaw: MG-25-718