Tongue Tie Elevator

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The Tongue Tie Elevator allows a physician to gently elevate the tongue of a patient with ankyloglossia, or tongue tie, as well as upper lip tie.  The tongue and upper lip can be safely elevated and the tongue tie isolated and visualized, despite the patient’s resistance, allowing the tongue tie to be safely isolated, crushed, and divided.  The device will assist in protecting the lips and submandibular gland ducts, and allow the Doctor’s opposite hand to be free to release the tongue tie. This device will greatly facilitate in-office release of tongue tie and upper lip tie, particularly in neonates, but can also be used in older patients, and in the operating room.  This device is made of clear acrylic, polypropylene, or polyethylene, measures 2 cm x 11 cm, and is 2 mm thick. The two wide ends of the elevator have 3mm slits of different lengths down the midline to allow the tongue tie to be exposed and divided.

The device comes pre-soaked in Cidex and placed in sterile packaging.